The Sounds Collection

The History of Sounds

Alan Moore’s work from Sounds is his largest body of work that remains uncollected or reprinted at this point. From March 31st 1979 to March 19th 1983 Alan Moore (as Curt Vile) penciled and wrote/co-wrote with Steve Moore (as Pedro Henry) a 1 page strip for the UK music paper Sounds. The chances of this ever being collected are slim to none (but with anything Moore there’s always a slight hope), but until then the internet is the only way it’s going to happen.

The Sounds Project

So we here at 4ColorHeroes send a call out to all Moore collectors, please share any Sounds pages that you might have. Even if you only have one torn-up page, please send it to us, if its one we need ratty and torn is better than nothing.

We are starting out with a total of 40 episodes which is still the most you will find anywhere, but still far from a complete collection. They only way all of these are going to be collected is if we all work together, so please send us your scans or Xerox copies of any pages you might have.

Update: The Project is now finished, and  big thank you to all who helped!!


I would like to thank the following people who were kind enough to donate their time and pages for all of us to enjoy:

Pádraig Ó Méalóid donated 40 episodes and got the project off the ground in fantastic fashion.

~Cclay~, Andrew Lee, Richard Palfreyman, Gary Smith, Ian H Smeatham, and Alan Wood


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